Did you know that the logo of the DERMAPLUS brand has come out with a great story?
It is said that the sweetgum tree, which has come to the present from the ancient period with its medicinal and aramatic secrets, is the main source of the beauty cures of Cleopatra.
The word origin of the sweetgum tree, which is Liquidambar orientalis, reveals the secret of its pleasant scent.
In Greek mythology, it is also told that Apollo uses the healing power of the sweetgum tree to bring his beloved back to life.This story begins with two beautiful sisters named Clytie and Leucothoe. Noticing the two lovers, Clytie is very jealous of this situation and tells Orchamus the situation. His father is so angry that he buries Leucothoe alive. Apollon finds out too late. When he arrives, Leucothoe is already dead. The sweetgum tree, with all its divine power, turns it into a sweet scented tree, which is a healing and fragrant tree. Today, the sweetgum tree heals various wounds and gives beauty secrets to young girls. Today, the sweetgum tree decorates the city and hotel landscapes in Antalya.
We prepare the contents of each of our products with professional care with the inspiration we get from the sweetgum tree, which symbolizes the essence of beauty and healing, and therefore we include the valuable leaf of the sweetgum tree in our logo.

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