Be happy if this ingredient is included in the product content !
Origin: Middle East
Plant used part: Plant Root
Active ingredients of the plant: The triterpensaponins in the extract are the active ingredients, especially glycyrrhizin, glycyrrhetic acid Glycyrrhizinic acid, which releases aglycon through hydrolysis. However, there are unspecified ingredients and these are starch, flavonoids, isoflavonoids, coumarins and phytosterols.
Distinct Active Ingredient:
Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root: It is used in many cases such as viral and autoimmune hepatitis, atopic dermatitis, skin hyperpigmentation due to inflammation, neurodegenerative disorders, tooth decay.
Being a member of this family of legumes grown around the Mediterranean, Middle East, central and Southern Russia, ekstact is sweet and yellow, and can be described as a skincare superstar thanks to its two magical properties.
1. magical feature; Due to its depigmentation properties, it corrects skin tone disorders by brightening the skin. Topical application of 0.5%, the most active ingredient glabridin, has been shown to inhibit UVB-induced pigmentation in guinea pigs. Glabridin acts as a whitening ingredient with its good healing effect and comprehensive functions and penetrates deep into the skin. It effectively inhibits the activity of various enzymes (such as tyrosinase) in the process of melanin production. Licorice root has been recognized as one of the safest skin lightening agents with the least side effects.
2. magical feature; Licorice root is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Glabridin also has some soothing properties, but the main active anti-inflammatory ingredient is glycyrrhizin. It is preferred for treating various skin conditions associated with inflammation, including atopic dermatitis, rosacea or eczema.
Veeeeeee !! Additionally glabridin also appears to be an antioxidant ie a free radical scavenger. This means that if you have licorice extract in the ingredient list of the product you use, you have one more reason + to be happy.
However, choosing a product with a high quality licorice extract is important. Because the activities of all ecstasy among themselves vary.

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